Multi Purpose Vehicles

UQAAB designed for Military Personnel and VIP Transport. Full Vehicle is protected with certified CEN B7 / NIJ IV Armor; Carry up to 8 soldiers with full equipment. Also equipped with several armored enhancements, such as a blast mitigation floor mat, provided with a roof turret, .30 or .50 CAL Machine Guns, seven springs loaded gun-ports are integrated at each seat. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, automatic fire engine suppression system and heavy duty 300 AMP alternator.

Protection Level B6
Protection Level B6

also available on request.

Transparent Armor: B7 (7.62 x 51 API)

Replace OEM glass with curved & flat ballistic glass.

All ballistic glass is rated to B7 standards.

Armor: B7 Armour Materials (7.62 x 51 API)